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"My  niece is loving this book, it is so special and beautifully written.  Lin is a fantastic author and really sets the scene well in her book. I  would recommend this book to any child who is on a middle or higher  level of reading. The story is truly heartfelt and touching and highly  recommended! A must buy LOVE IT!! "    .... Read more on Amazon.com 

"What  a wonderful, charming, uplifting story!!! I so enjoyed this gem and  can't wait to share it with others. I took my time and savored the  experience! Sammy is marvelous and Ms. Thomas really nailed the  12-year-old girl experience! Adventure, mystery, friendship, life and  culture--it's all here. The best part, though, is the inspiration and  message of hope and "you can do it." Can't wait for the next one! Sammy  needs to keep her wings exercised!"   .... Read more on Amazon.com 

"... Ms.  Thomas provides insight for young readers into a culture that may be in  many ways quite different than their own...By dealing with the anxiety of cultural change, it will help  young readers understand that the new kid in their class that looks or  sounds different has the same thoughts and feelings as they do. ... Finally I can't imagine a better book to give to a child  who is facing their own big move. I don't know if it is available in  other languages but I suspect if not now, it will be in the future. " .... Read more on Amazon.com

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Dr. Froswa is the Author of Rules of Engagement ~ Making Connections Last. She is a speaker and a humanitarian. Find out more about Dr. Froswa at http://www.froswasrules.com/main_page.html

Review by Kim Fields , Professional Reader, NetGalley


About Kim Fields

Kim is a professional reader and NetGalley member from Plant City, Florida.  Visit her blog Random Thoughts on Life & Living for a full review of Every Sparrow was Made to Fly..  


About Bethany Parker  

Bethany is an English Language Arts Teacher at CST and is  a reading interventionist with Boys and Girls Club of Manhattan. Visit her website to know more about her.  http://bethanyedu.weebly.com/

....This is a sweet story aimed at kids ages 7-13, and it has a nice message  about being yourself and understanding that no one else is really  confident, either, which all kids (and adults!) need to learn... 

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